Libra: Exploring Star Chronicles – Week 3

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We are well on our way in our journey through Star Chronicles: A Bible-Based Study of the Stars by Dawnita Fogleman! This week we will take a deeper look at Libra and the decans associated with it. I must say diving into Libra was quite an eye opening experience to say the least! What an AWESOME God we serve!

Disclaimer: While this study is using Star Chronicles: A Bible-Based Study of the Stars as a guide, neither The Torah Garden nor this astronomy study claim to reflect the views or beliefs of the author or anyone else associated with the production of the Star Chronicles.

Libra and Its Scales

In Hebrew Libra is called Mozanaim {Strong’s H3976}, meaning scales, balances. According to StudyLight the Greek equivalent in the Brit Hadashah is “zygos” {Strong’s G2218}, a very interesting association to say the least! The only time this Greek word is rendered as “scales” {ESV} is in Revelation 6:5. All other renderings are “yoke”.

The three major stars in Libra are what caught my attention though. There are Zuben al Genubi, which means “the price which is deficient”, and Zuben al Chemali, which means “the price which covers”. Then there is Zuben Akrabi , which means “the price of conflict”. What an amazing representation of Yeshua’s Perfect Sacrifice {the price which covers} outweighing our inability to pay a price high enough to save ourselves from our sins {the price which is deficient} and what a high price to pay for the conflict between death and salvation! How fitting that in the Hebrew calendar this constellation is associated with the month of Tishrei that includes both Yom Teruah {Feast of Trumpets} and Yom Kippur {Day of Atonement} as we are reflecting on and repenting of our sins and weighing out our path going forward!

The Decans of Libra

The first of Libra’s three decans is Crux. The Hebrew name for this decan is in some dispute, at least with me it is. Most sources seem to agree with the account given in The Witness of the Stars by E.W.Bulinger. They proclaim that the Hebrew name for this decan is Adom and cite it as meaning “cutting off”. However, from everything I can find “adom” {Strong’s H122} means “red” or “the color of blood” and the word rendered in Daniel 9:26 as “cut off”, as referenced in The Witness of the Stars, is “karath” {Strong’s H3772}. For me however, all things considered, the Biblical meaning of “adom” fits well here as well!

This is not the only Hebrew association for this decan though. It is also associated with the last letter of the Hebrew alephbet, Tav. Its ancient symbol was a cross and, in the form of the word “tau”, {Strong’s H8376 (H8379)} it means “mark, boundary, limit, or finish”. Yeshua’s words during His execution vividly come to mind here, “It is finished” {John 19:30}!

The next decan is Lupus. Scholars list its Hebrew name as Asedah which corresponds with the Arabic name of Asedaton, both meaning “to be slain”. Some of the other names for this decan are very enlightening as well. The other Latin name for it is Victima, meaning “victim”. In another ancient zodiac it was called Sura, meaning “a lamb”. Either way you look at it, this is an unmistakable picture of Yeshua offering Himself up to be slain in our place, a victim to the punishment for our sins, and our precious Pesach {Passover} Lamb!

The third decan of Libra is called Corona. In Hebrew it called Atarah, meaning “a royal crown”. What a way to finish this part of the story! Yeshua endured His crown of thorns {Matthew 27:29} and received His royal, golden crown {Revelation 14:14}, becoming our crown of glory {Isaiah 28:5; 1 Peter 5:4} that will never fade away!

Lessons from Libra

Right now I simply stand in awe of just how much knowledge and truth that Yah laid out for those who would only seek it! Right there in the stars is told the story of how Yeshua paid the price I never could, spilling His blood for my sins. He finished the fight for all who would humble themselves and take hold of the Grace He Sacrifice afforded them. But He didn’t stop there! The King of kings humbled Himself to take on human for and wear a crown of thorns so that He could hold out for His body of believers a crown of glory! Baruch HaShem!!!

I pray these insights have opened your heart and your mind to the wonder of God in a whole new way! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~


Our plans this week

1. Read through “Justice & Balance” in Star Chronicles: A Bible-Based Study of the Stars by Dawnita Fogleman, utilizing the coloring pages and notebooking pages.
2. Read through our Libra Supplement {a print copy of the lessons in this blog post}
3. Do our Libra Worksheets, including writing the next part of The Story.
4. Fill in the Libra section of our Defining the Constellations worksheet {located here}

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What impacted you the most as you studied about Libra?

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