Aquarius: Exploring Star Chronicles – Week 7

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Week 7 has begun in our journey through Star Chronicles: A Bible-Based Study of the Stars by Dawnita Fogleman! This week we are diving into Aquarius, the water bearer. Of those representations of our Savior, I think water is the one that resonates with me the strongest because it reminds me of the Holy Spirit flowing through us and being poured out upon us. With that in mind, let’s see what this constellation has to teach us!

Disclaimer: While this study is using Star Chronicles: A Bible-Based Study of the Stars as a guide, neither The Torah Garden nor this astronomy study claim to reflect the views or beliefs of the author or anyone else associated with the production of the Star Chronicles.

Aquarius and Living Water

The Hebrew name for Aquarius is D’li {Strong’s H1805}, meaning “water urn”. It is the word rendered “bucket” in Numbers 24:7 {ESV} where Balaam is giving his third oracle blessing Israel according to the will of HaShem.

“Water shall flow from his buckets, and his seed shall be in many waters; his king shall be higher than Agag, and his kingdom shall be exalted.”

What a beautiful description of what Yeshua came to bring! This, by the way, is one of the many ways that Moses wrote about Yeshua {John 5:46-47}!!!

The Hebrew month attributed to Aquarius is Shevat. It was on the first day of Shevat Moses began to recount the journey of Israel and reiterate the Torah that had been given on Mount Sinai {Deuteronomy 1:3}. I find it awe inspiring that the instructions we were given for living a blessed and wholesome life were recounted in great detail and written down during the time that Living Water was being poured out in the stars! Yeshua taught us that the entire Torah could be summed up as instruction on how to love God and how to love each other {Matthew 22:36-40}. Considering that God is love, I like to think that it is His Love being poured out upon us as Living Water {consider John 3:16}.

The Decans of Aquarius

Piscis Australis is the first decan of Aquarius. There is no official Hebrew name for this decan but the Hebrew word for fish is dâg {Strong’s H1709}. It comes from a root word that means “to multiply, increase”. Amazingly enough that is how God defined being blessed in Genesis 1:22, as being fruitful and multiplying! And that is exactly what happens to us when we drink deeply of the Living Water being poured out upon us as this fish does. We are abundantly blessed!!!

The second decan is Pegasus. This name itself is a variation of the Hebrew name Pekasûs that is made by combining the word pechah {Strong’s H6346}, meaning “chief, captain,governor”, and sûs {Strong’s H5483}, meaning “horse”. This chief horse is presented to us in the stars as a horse with wings, just as equally a creature of heaven co-existing in earthly form as it is an earthly creature with wings to carry out a heavenly assignment. Sounds very much like Yeshua to me!!!

The third decan is Cygnus. This decan, I have to admit, was a tough one to research, especially since there are no swans mentioned in the Bible. The problem is the common view of this constellation as a swan. Turns out that was a belief that apparently began with the Romans. Before that, however, the story was a bit different. It begins with a group of people called the Chaldeans. They were the people that Abraham left in Ur when he set out to follow the HaShem {Genesis 11:27-12:1; 15:7}. In addition, they were the ones that Daniel was made chief over in Babylon {Daniel 2:48; 5:11-12} and who tried to kill Daniels’ three companions {Daniel 3}. All of these areas are located in the areas in and around what we now call Iraq and Iran, Arabic nations. Known for their knowledge of the stars and being among the first to study the details that make up what we know as the science of astronomy, they are also the Magi, or wise men, from the East that followed the star to the infant Yeshua {Matthew 2:1-12}. What a blessing they would have missed if they had not known what star to look for the announcement of the birth of our Savior!

Why am I telling you all of this? Because the ancient Arabs, presumably the Chaldeans, called this decan Al Ta’ir al Arduf, meaning “the Flying Eagle”. NOW it’s starting to sound like a Bible story again!!! Just to extend this truth, the ancient Greeks called this decan Ornis, which simply means “bird”. We discussed the Hebrew surrounding eagle when we talked about Aquilla, but there is something different about this one. It’s swooping down from Heaven! This makes this eagle sound very much like the prophecy in Ezekiel 7:1-8, especially verse 7 {ESV} which reads:

“And there was another great eagle with great wings and much plumage, and behold, this vine bent its roots toward him and shot forth its branches toward him from the bed where it was planted, that he might water it.”

Lessons from Aquarius

I leave the study of this constellation feeling even more Covered than I did before. I can literally feel the Spirit pouring out upon me from Heaven in a constant, never-ending stream of Living Water! It leaves soothes my soul to know that I can look up and literally see Him pour Strength, Life, and Salvation into me.

I pray He has washed over you as well beloved. Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~


Our plans this week

1. Read through “Water Bearer” in Star Chronicles: A Bible-Based Study of the Stars by Dawnita Fogleman, utilizing the coloring pages and notebooking pages.
2. Read through our Aquarius Supplement {a print copy of the lessons in this blog post}
3. Do our Aquarius Worksheets, including writing the next part of The Story.
4. Fill in the Aquarius section of our Defining the Constellations worksheet {located here}

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What impacted you the most as you studied about Aquarius?

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